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The mods don't answer support tickets for refunds. Some people are waiting for over a month. They took down their own forum. Dread is full of posts of buyer and vendor issues. They keep blaming it on phasing and buyer fault but I have had no issues ordering and receiving products on two other sites from links. Bummer as some really good vendors on Dark. Too much a risk for all the canceled orders and no refunds. Shit I know we are buying on dark web but its still hard earned money. They did an update during all this and it just seems sketchy with no real customer service to help the buyers besides telling them they are stupid for getting phished. How many times and people does it have to happen to make it mathematically impossible to deny something is up with DM. I really wanted to become a customer but after 3 purchases and no refunds-I am out. I also didn't make the smallest purchases. You are warned-its not all FUD. There is some fuckery at play here and still increasing.

Kraken - 4y