Empire Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 410

Successful transactions: 18

Scams: 11

Phishing: 356

Hacks: 8

Downtimes: 3


Scam by seller and admin dint say anything about it

vall - 9 hours ago

Phishing Empire Market.

Administrator - 15 hours ago
kaluballa Waidya

He will send you rubbish weed that will not get you high at all.
Please be aware and do not get to this vendor! He will not reply to your messages as well!

kaluballa Waidya - 4 days ago

The seller purposes to go out of the market because he is having problems to get the monies from EM to be able to scam you... be careful... unfortunatelly I trusted him because I never got replies from EM neither solutions to my problems...

Kiko - 5 days ago
Mr. Spock

Smooth transaction with Monero. This vendor had excellent comms, super-fast processing, and the product was absolutely immaculate. I'm not sure why so many have reported trouble with Empire recently. From the reports I'm reading, I suspect there is a lot of phishing going on and people are being duped into logging into bogus sites. My advice: Make sure to triple-check the URL before creating an account, and then set a login phrase (at a minimum) so that you'll always have a quick way of checking yourself in the future. If you want to be extra certain, add a PGP key and enable 2FA. Do these things, and you'll be fine. I think this is a solid market.

Mr. Spock - 6 days ago
H. Nelson

I ordered a package from a vendor I was not familiar with but had good reviews.They asked me to finalize early since there had been so many market shutdowns, which I did, unfortunately, Package was taking longer to arrive than expected. I went back and forth with vendor asking when it was to arrive, they kept saying it's on it's way, then they reshipped (they didn't), then they told me the package was not going to arrive, They got my order, my money and my FE review for their profile. Lesson learned: NEVER finalize early and go with trysted vendors on another market. I filed a complaint ticket with Empire but 3 day have gone by and I have heard nothing, the ticket status still says Processing. Do NOT trust Pharmacyofdrugs. They are scammers

H. Nelson - 7 days ago

Phishing users of Empire Market

Administrator - 7 days ago

Phishing Empire Market

Administrator - 7 days ago

Seller and moderator worked on a fix because they were broke after the holidays, took my BTC because they didn’t ship and I put a dispute.
Dispute does not show on the seller account and the BTC is gone.
700 USD!
and the same moderator logs in, only to respond I have been phished
Gimme my BTC back!

Wasb - 12 days ago

Empire Market phishing URL.

Administrator - 13 days ago

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