Silk Road 3.1's Trust Report


Total reports: 11

Scams: 5

Phishing: 3

Hacks: 1

Downtimes: 2


phishing users of silk road 3.1

Administrator - 7 days ago
larra lee

Ordered on Silk road 3.1 and the order are marked "shipped" but after three weeks still no shipment, tried to open a support ticket but no response, I think the whole site are a scam, will not shop there again

larra lee - 9 days ago

I deposited 20 € but was never confirmed, when trying to access the site again is offline

xxtuz - 27 days ago

Phishing Silk Road 3.1

Administrator - 1 month ago

Administrator - 1 month ago
m hassan

Added £100 to my account to make a purchase. The money was sent but not added to my account. "Tivon" and "Kenshiro" from the support team have ignored my messages. It's a scam don't add money to your account, because you won't see it again!!

m hassan - 3 months ago

They have exit scam. It seems that the market is running, but the Money doesn't arrive at the Sellers. They stealing it. DONT ORDER

P - 3 months ago
cezar moscova

I ordered from this vendor Dr Relax on Silk Road 3.1 and he didn't send anything stolen and he didn't answer $ 1000

cezar moscova - 3 months ago

Multiple users report that Silk Road 3.1 has exit scam, vendors cannot access the market.

Administrator - 3 months ago
cezar moscova

I ordered the $ 4000 silk road 3.1, no order came, no one answered. you can help me know who to contact to solve the problem

cezar moscova - 3 months ago

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