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Empire Market - currently the best alternatives to Dream Market and best darknet market, Empire Market features 2FA, PGP, Escrow Support, Payment accepted by Bitcoin, Monero. Drugs, porn, fraud, counterfeit, carding, and all. READ: Empire Market Main Url http://empiremktxgjovhm.onion has a NEW captcha, you must type the 4 black numbers to login.

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Successful transactions: 18 / 410

Incidents: 392 / 410

Trust Report

URLStatusConn. TimeLast SeenLast Check
http://tzncwx7ab4pteu6k.onionUp0.797s2 minutes ago2 minutes ago Stats.
http://ab4wox3lmcpv3tw3.onionUp2.41s2 minutes ago2 minutes ago Stats.
http://tr6zj53g6degjaqi.onionUp1.092s2 minutes ago2 minutes ago Stats.
http://uag5xzmve2xsw4hi.onionUp0.344s2 minutes ago2 minutes ago Stats.
http://n5udg4njjy2h5zvv.onionDownTimeout1 hour ago1 minute ago Stats.
http://x4337pofqrshdxyh.onionUp0.874s1 minute ago1 minute ago Stats.
http://hc5uzywjfxkildrq.onionDownTimeout2 hours ago1 minute ago Stats.
http://6v34iegrmy4273c4.onionUp0.95s1 minute ago1 minute ago Stats.
http://hpovml4j6gxmhvts.onionUp0.709s1 minute ago1 minute ago Stats.
http://empiremktxgjovhm.onionUp4.945s2 minutes ago2 minutes ago Stats.
http://alu4z7a3upjtlqva.onionDownTimeout7 days ago1 minute ago Stats.
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User Comments:

Empire NEVER exit scams. Always confirm that you're not using a phishing site at login or after. Change your password and pin every other week, all these comments about "exit scams" are false. DON'T GET PHISHED.

Anonymous - 4 hours ago

@April you used a phishing mirror Empire does not ask for Pin for login.

Administrator - 11 hours ago

I got onto Empire about 2 hours ago, using the mirror that requires you to use your 6 digit pin, and use the CAPTCHA with only black numbers. I deposited $ and the blockchain confirmed that it got to where it was going. But it hasn't shown up on Empire. Am I screwed?

April - 11 hours ago

This link works http://qleqriuabn5twcnx.onion/ref/2025304 Main empire link works for me sometimes but this one worked the best for me today to complete my order. Made my first purchase ever!

Anonymous - 11 hours ago

Be carrefull to LIDL it's a selective scam !.......I ordered 5g and no problem except limit quality, then i ordered 10g which arrived at home too, so i order 20g wich never arrived without any answer to LIDL except " What's happen !?".......Maybe i'm crazy bur i order again 10 g wich never arrived too without any answer to LIDL too..........FRiends of me had the same experience with this vendor LIDL.........So...........

Anonymous - 12 hours ago

Guys the main Empire link does work sometimes even though Onion.live is showing it in red, give it a try

Anonymous - 14 hours ago

I can confirm that EMPIRE is NOT exit scamming! Just regular DDOS, I have been able to access my account a few times today for a few minutes at a time. DrPurple shipped my lean order today so must be back to normal

Anonymous - 15 hours ago

Anybody knows whats going on with this market? In the last two days market is been down consistently?

Anonymous - 16 hours ago

My $150 order arrived. Site still works perfectly fine for me. It seems like the best away to avoid 'losing' money in your account is not to deposit anything over 500 and not to go looking for mirrors if none are listed on here. Be patient, they will usually come up within an hour.

Anonymous - 18 hours ago

I get Scammed by Admin of Empire. All save but no PGP at the First time. They got 1000€ from me. So if u dont secure with pgp admin will get it. Its a Fact and tested After man people get scammed top. Shame in u Admin. Admin never Respond thats an fast top! BEWARE !!!!!!

Scammed User - 23 hours ago

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