Versus Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 19

Successful transactions: 6

Scams: 1

Phishing: 9

Hacks: 1


it is an OK market the UX could be a lot better

bigchomizone - 9M

I dont know how to accept my refund, please who has experience in this? contact me at telegram @whitewolf3000 or just comment here

Afrocarder3000 - 9M

Very very bad experience with the seller wochris. I do not advise anyone to trade with this vendor. He asked me to FE my order which I refuse after what he tried to blackmail me
I have to say so up til today, Versus support has ignored my numerous messages as well.... not sure what to think

christhedog - 12M

still waiting for support, still waiting for money back, it s been almost a month now. i loosing faith with this market. keep away and stay safe

UnhappyBuyer - 12M

Got scammed one more time, At this point Im gunna stop using versus and empire. Both market I lost funds on and the support didn't answer me. Im patient and Ive been waiting for days now, enough is enough !

kevin7441 - 1y

Bester Shop seit DreamMarket. Ich bin mega zufrieden und kann es wirklich nur jeden empfehlen. Dagegen kann jeder andere Shop einpacken.

Assaslay - 1y

Good site! Better than many over site! No wallet, so you pay only what you buy and no risk to lose BTC!

DEDEZZ6767 - 1y

Very good site!

DED5468 - 1y

very nice market

ulcan - 1y

admin - 1y

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