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I made a purchase of a Skrill transfer for $ 300 at Yakuza Market from the fraudlord seller.
The seller immediately marked the purchase as "shipped".
As I did not receive the transfer in my account (which I left as details of the purchase) I opened a dispute.
Despite demonstrating that the seller did not transfer to my Skrill account, I presented 2 videos from the account with the history of all transactions made on the account, Yakuza Support delivered my BTC to the seller, without giving me any explanation.
I tried to find out the reason for this decision, but support stopped responding.
This site is a scam whore den run by scam whores.
Yakuza is a SCAM site!
Do not buy anything, as they will be stolen.

DUCK21 - 6M

They keep exif data from disputes beware

koala - 1y

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