Dark0de's Trust Report


Total reports: 8

Successful transactions: 8


got it got it got it! He's a god man - made it through customs at 11 days! i love it. This is good site.

Herbert1891 - 4M

Got me some ice of long time vendor now on Dark0de - % little steep but market works perfect! Happy with it.

milkandmilk - 4M

First time buying on Dark0de. Took w while to get my coins on the market..dont really know why but i received everything and exchanged it to btc first. I deposited XMR. I can exchange it to btc on market! I buy weed i have not received yet but everything so far looks good.

afrikapeolpe - 4M

Great to see that i can mix my coins on market. I f*ckng hate helis mixer but Dark0de mixer works fine. + is i got it straight to my Dark0de Wallet :)

MizterTP - 4M

Know the vendor

Did not know the market

deposit and purchase = good

Market now slow cuz of ddos

pretty good experience but now slow

CHansellor12 - 4M

shopped with vendor Prime for some ice

i like onionlive of darkfail

good job

mountain33 - 5M

First order from Pablo, i dealt with him on Dream. Happy to have him back. Speed was a little wet but overal good stuff

LondonEpic - 5M

Made a purchase with Amazone as he moved to Dark0de Market after Empire exit.

Everything went smooth and there were no problems! Great market.

SSecuritaz - 5M

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