Silk Road 3.1

Silk Road 3.1 launched in May 2017. It’s no ties to the original Silk Road. On it you can find all types of products, ranging from drugs to digital goods like stolen credit cards. Currently, the market has over 15,000 listings.

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http://silkroad7rn2puhj.onionUp1.045s2 minutes ago
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http://silkhto2wuinfl5kqqnciky7jfc3h3o7xakk2xvw6ieser4byfjjakyd.onionDownTimeout1 minute ago
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Website still giving (We are performing upgrades and data migration to improve availability and functionality. The first stage of this will require the marketplace to be offline for an undetermined period of time. We will be back as soon as possible and all user funds are safe.) Error to me, anyone got the Forum URL so we can check with admins ? it's like 50 60 hours and not a single update.

Anonymous - 2 months ago

Not able to get in myself. This scares me. They have never been down or changing like this. I have been screwed by Empire, Dream, and Silk 3.1 has never scammed me in the year I have been with them. But I have not been able to get in in the past two days.

Tbone - 2 months ago

How do I access these sites?

Jt - 2 months ago

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