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SamSara Market is a re-designed version of Dream Market with better security features and a more modern theme. The market has all the features that Dream Market once had such as PGP Login, Escrow, and BTC support. Samsara is run by a former Dream Market partner announce on July 2019 during the site shutdown announcement.

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http://2skidbptsjf6gwul.onionDownTimeout3 minutes ago
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User Comments:

Guy Fro

Just keep hitting refresh... I eventually got an order thru and accepted but trying to FE has yet to be impossible.

Guy Fro - 12 days ago
Bob mack

What do I do I have orders that I have to finalize and I have packages I have not arrived I can get to the login page and then get to the page where it shows my shopping cart my name Etc but when I click on one of the icon late when I click on one of the icon links on the left hand side it kicks me back out I was able to see one message where the vendor had not sent my package I have not got it and he asked me what my username was I had to change it cuz my account got phished. What do I do guys like how long do you think this'll last I got to get on that site desperately I got to get my medication ordered as well as get this info to that vendor please help GMO

Bob mack - 20 days ago

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