WARNING: This site is dangerous.

Apollon Market - Exit Scam exit scammed and wasted users' funds. This listing is for reference only.

This site is dangerous. Apollon Market - Exit Scam

Apollon is a classic escrow market established in 2018 which supports the importation of vendor feedback from several darknet markets, the automatic deletion of order various logs, and several other features making the dark web market an appealing option for those looking for an alternative to the main anonymous marketplaces.

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i placed a large order on Apollon, the sale finalized without being shipped, no response from seller or admin

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Hello guys
i want to ask about this vendor (canadianpharmacy) is there anyone who bought form him ?? is he safe or not

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Probably the last good market silk road ran off with everyone's money just yesterday and empire market has the feds all over it which is why it'll log you out and do all sorts of random shit.

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warning : dmdsoldiersndd is scamerdon't trust him because he takes money then he doesn't answer anymorego away for to stay safe ! !goat is a big scam scamer ! ! ! warning

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I also verified the link so there was no fishing involved I was 100% on the market

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Top Vendors


Very good coke!

― By: ivanivan


Good coke!

― By: ivanivan


Good coke!

― By: ivanivan


Successfully bought and received great shipment. Seller was a great communicator too. Would recommend.

― By: themunchhh


Placed 2 orders on here. Both came no problem and great quality.

― By: HPines45


Fastest shipping and excellent communication. Finally great to have a good market up again!

― By: themunchhh


Several time ordered from this market, everything is fine till now...I hope this gonna last more than markets like Dream Market (rip), don't wanna lose good service...

― By: JamesBroony


Came to Apollon from Silk Road. This market is A++++! Was a bit nervous trying to find a new marketplace I could place trust in. In my time here so far, as a buyer, I've had to dispute about 5 orders due to a vendor attempting to scam and break the rules. Within 2 days, an admin by the name of Reloaded was there to understand my situation and refund every penny (Thousands of $). He is extremely knowledgeable and fair. The vendors who attempted to scam were banned and purged from the market. I feel completely safe here. The admins are fair and attend to issues quickly and efficiently. I can't speak for the phishing stuff that happened. I've logged onto the market hundreds of times through and never once had a single issue. The market has never been down or had weird glitches or anything. The reviews on vendor profiles are accurate and not repeatedly fake reviews like some markets. I highly recommend this market to EVERYONE. Don't understand the low rating the market has =/

― By: thefastyoko


4 orders done

― By: ivanivan


Great vendor

― By: ivanivan


Always on time, always real OC.

― By: swoopmarch