Dream Alt Market

Dream Alt is a new marketplace established in 2019 with no connection to the original Dream Market or the market admin Speedstepper. Although the names of both markets are similar, Dream Alt is not a clone of Dream Market either. It is a new market run by an entirely different admin.


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gambler deceiver dream

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this market is cheating my money is just away from my account. meier party please watch out my10 € was simply deducted from my account every day 2 way I did not shop

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hello. are you looking for a connect somewhere you can buy crack,cocaine,xannax,weed,goat

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Fake !! Diese markrt ist meier patei
Ich wurde meier auch Admin ist Betrug
Scheiss dream alt

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You can add money but then you can't withdraw it. This is why sellers stopped selling on this platform. Unfortunately buyers are losing their money too. Any idea of some hack to get it back? Thanks guys!

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Top Vendors


Very nice market. Done several purchases without a hitch.

― By: ravel