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Anyone knows what's going on with The Empire?
Are they done or they will come back or come up with a new site?
Would be really cool if they will reimburse everyone with the btc on the site
so people would really trust them whether they come back up with the same site or the new site...
Would be a really good business strategy for them to take over the market forever..

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how to solve empire forum captcha?????????

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Been able to login but very hard due to DDOS I guess, still seems legit,was able to order since 8/2/20

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Mon Tues were tight but got my orders done..... leftover 100 sitting there thinking things were fine... ever since it has these when its fine

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empire market wont take my user name and password. that's the first tigoatat's happened in over a year. has someone hacked empire and affected logon? my orders are still coming in i just cant login to confirm arrivals

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hi i can't answer to u but i need advicess rom empire's user cuz i just signed in this morning. i don' know how does it goatk, can u help me i don' understand what means "queue" and how can i pay without cryptmonney

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you need to do more research on your own to learn how DN markets work and this one in particular. you can not pay without cryptocurrency, that is probably the single most important technology that these markets rely on! You really need to do your own research to understand this stuff.
If you can't figure it out the basics on your own, then you probably shouldn't be using DN markets anyway.

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