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Currently, the biggest darknet market and the best alternative to Dream Market according to darknet users, Empire Market features 2FA, PGP, Escrow, supports Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin.

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im new to the site and have made several orders that still say processing. ive figured out how to send messages through kleopatra but im not get any response. Can anyone help me?

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ive been using empire for many months, large orders too, i verify links and have never had problem

sad to see onionlive is obviously being paid by some competitor to place a warning, if you read instructions and dont get phished you wont lose any funds guaranteed

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Totally agree! I have been using Empire since October, over £4k deposited and spent, and never had any problem with the site. As you say, do your checks to make sure you are not being phished and you will be fine. Also been hearing the same fake news about Empire doing an exit scam `any day now` since the market opened and it`s still bullshit.

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can you walkgoatrough the steps to make an order that will go through? i have a pgp key and ive sent all messages through kleopatra but im not getting anywhere? looking for help please?,2018568,10758,

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can anyone help me with getting my orders to go through? im new to the site and need help. I have pgp and have been sending info through kleopatra. All my still say processing?

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are you encrypting your delivery address with the vendors pgp or yours? i write my address and flavour choices in plain text then use the check box that says `encrypt with vendors pgp`. if you encrypt it with your key then the vendor can`t read it. thats the only thing i can think of that you might be doing wrong. or maybe the vendor has not got what you are ordering, then they might let it auto-cancel

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Well howa bout help a bro out.. I'm new here and I cant seem to enter market... I'm signed in it says just cant get in... plz help... THX 2

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Not sure which site you are going on but I am going on Empire market and I input my password etc etc then it asks for my 2FA which I did not ever set up. I have over $200.00 on the site that I now cant log into.. ANY IDEAS????

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you got phished so somebody hacked your account because you didint use the right links

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Actually I have only ever used ONION>LIVE for the links so not sure your argument holds any sway.

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Perfect bitbazaar exited. Now this site will exit soon. Rip darknet markets, you were good while you lasted. Now eveyone turns scam the second they start stacking some btcs..

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hello where can post some ads? please . soon

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nice website

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Top Vendors


GREAT carts from baker support is slow

― By: Treestumper


took about 3 weeks to get here but i got what i ordered and it was legit. i use this site about twice a week. make sure you pgp verify your bitcoin deposit address before you use it

― By: MrMagoo


Great 50 euro bills

― By: Escrow


Use my referral code: 760720 20% of transactions! Cheers

― By: ivanivan


Great ket! Fast delivery! You can order on Telegram for 10% more! @HeinekenSalesSupport use me for referral for 5%!

― By: ivanivan


I purchased an aged paypal account and RDP, 200USD. Received as described, RDP worked and on the RDP everything was set to login to the paypal account. The account had 4 little transactions and was created somewhere in 2019. As I tried from another vendor to get a clean paypal transfer, he told me I can't receive money. So I talked to royalty and he said it is working and showed it to me, as I offered to send him 10USD in btc, I sent it and he sent 10USD to my paypal account and I received it. Conlusion, very good vendor and also helpful and kind.

― By: hausi


if you EVER send any BTC, DO NOT USE COPY AND PASTE FOR ADDRESSES, type them in manually!!! It's not the website taking your coin it's a scamware changing your clipboard when a btc address it copied.

― By: letstripballs99


I always buy my hash from NARCOTICSDIRECT on Empire. Really good product, good communication, good stealth and fast delivery.

― By: Brassnet


Very accurate. I made 5000 in 6 hours with this method. A+ seller. I do how this guy is not top rated on the web. excellent service and follow-thru. Item delivered exactly as advertised nearly instantly. Looking forward to many more transactions and a long-lasting relationship with ixorex

― By: elbbeldesign


Successful purchase

― By: Davegrace1227


This market is still up and working perfectly fine, just ordered something 20 minutes ago. Simple and easy, nothing has changed.

― By: Boylen44


French cocain seller, serious guy i have spend more than 1200 euros in their shop, every time the cocain is top notch and delivery always on point, go for it

― By: bioweapon