WARNING: This site is dangerous.

Pax Romana exit scammed and wasted users' funds. This listing is for reference only.

This site is dangerous. Pax Romana

Darkweb Marketplace with ancient Roman taste.

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i put some bitcoin on my account balance to make a purchase and now it wont let me log in, I just want a refund of my money. Lame

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real and best deals**counterfeit money**top shelf crystalgoat **goat/roxigoat 30mgs**puregoat **puregoatget on;kik id:: express324goatid: express324

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When market got hacked they promised to pay back the stolen funds. I asked for my 50$ and got banned from market. I made a post on the subdread and got banned for spreading "FUD". I posted on the darknetmarkets sub and got banned as well for spreading FUD. Dishonest market I hope the admins choke on my 50 bucks. Do not use that shitshow!

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weareamsterdam has incredible good stuff!! goat the best i recommend this vendor alot.

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