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SamSara Market is a re-designed version of Dream Market with better security features and a more modern theme. The darknet market has all the features that Dream Market once had such as PGP Login, Escrow, and BTC support. Samsara is rumored to be run by a former Dream Market admin Speedsteppers who announce a partnership with another darknet market in July 2019 during the site shutdown announcement.

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ripyes the server outages are one concern.. but wouldn't worry as it's always sorted.orders got cancelled by most vendors due to the fall in btc prices, so when the market stablises again it will work fine..i got my btc back(rayfulwhite) and have got a new order shipped now also. will update if/when it arrives. as long as the vendor is sure there going to get there funds after the escrow im sure everything will be fine on here, em is currently trying to overcogoate sever being blocked by auth's.

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This is really awful! Seems like almost every market, at one time or another, bails out with an exit scam. Before too long, this whole thing is going to die out from lack of interest. What a shame! God, I HATE thieves! They are truly the lowest form of life on the planet, right up there with child molesters. I'm grateful I didn't lose any money this time, but a vendor I ordered from, and got pills from, still has $400 of my bitcoins in escrow that he can't get, and that's just from my little order.

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I think we should all accept at this point - and put it to rest that this was and is an exit scam.
Hoping they will somehow come back to life is not going to get our coins back.

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just ask me whether or not i have ordered sogoating on any market. if i tell you yes and i did order off of "such and such" a market then you can be assured that "such and such" a market will hit the fucking fall and go down and offline for an extended time. shit. shit shit shit shit. yep the fucking samsara market is offline today 11/20/2019. i got online last week and placed an order. it would appear that this may have been the only tigoatat they were up in the last month or so.

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whats going on with samsara? exit scam ?

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Top Vendors


Got a good delivery package. Quickly and without issue. However, the site has since been down for several days now and my second order is in question.

― By: moomoomoo


Mr scott is one of the best dealer now on Samsara Market , Good stuff , top grade AAA+ , fast delivery on time .

― By: helencare