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Overall Statistics:

Total reports: 2671

Successful transactions: 318

Scams: 487

Phishing: 1619

Hacks: 33

Downtimes: 27

Late deliveries: 8


Phishing Apollon Market

admin - 5y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

ruralbloke - 5y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

ianyboyy - 5y

Logged in with PIN, lost $300. Please read Administrator's report. Says specifically that Empire will never ask for PIN at login.

SadSackIII - 5y

Made payment to bitcoin wallet and nothing has show up, so made a support ticket but haven't had a reply in over 5 days (suggested time 24 hours).

seemlycollop - 5y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

alienartifact - 5y

Made a successful deposit and purchase. All good. Friend's deposit never went through. Definitely follow the Empire Market 4 Step Phishing Protection Guide.

johnmmnk - 5y

Will say no for required but once it's accepted says finalize to receive. If you do finalize they jerk you around after stealing money and try to get pin and pass to marketplace account you are using. Avoid at all cost

Doombop - 5y

So I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Empire the vendor I use is on point and I trust him I am just worried particularly this time since I deposited such a large amount of money (large for me anyway) and now it’s been down for 2 days that scares me a little 350$ is a lot of money to just throw away

Brown - 5y

The best market to use was depositing over 300 and leaving it there till needed to be used theres alot of valid vendors and admins actually solve disputes to the best of their ability. DONT GET PHISHED!!!!NEVER PUT IN YOUR PIN UNLESS YOU ARE MAKING A PURCHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tryingtogetrichtoday - 5y