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Overall Statistics:

Total reports: 2507

Successful transactions: 222

Scams: 471

Phishing: 1616

Hacks: 27

Downtimes: 21

Late deliveries: 7


This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

Bosser - 4d

Damn I see yall doing did wrong tapnin I got lots of ccs and Cv most if not all are legit text me 2604074963

1121frank - 8d

OnionLiveDev - 8d

I am very happy that a serious market has arrived and it is something very difficult to find at the moment.

my experience was that I had an internship with $ 400 but because of me and thanks to the support of BIG BLUE it was a complete success

I encourage everyone to do business in this market that they will not regret

I will always be grateful for the great support of BIG BLUE. THANKS

Prin - 12d

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

donovan_1988 - 13d

We got an positive feedback for an recommended Vendor LuckyBunny
All orders are arrived. One order was after not arriving fully REFUNDED.
We can trust the Market.
We will go faster with the market-ASEAN.

PMS - 17d

Don't buy into this man, I lost 50 bucks.

Avos1980 - 20d

Made a 200 $ deposit. Got locked out of my account and the support is now talking shit to me. avoid this market , it seems scammy to me

everybus - 21d

BigBlueMarket down? Landing Page is working, but there is end.

Fratello - 22d

Phishing darknet hidden service darknetlive.

admin - 26d