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Overall Statistics:

Total reports: 270

Successful transactions: 3

Scams: 107

Phishing: 157

Hacks: 3


Fake Empire Market mirror

Administrator - 19 hours ago
LeBron James

succesful purchases, to avoid scammers, never buy off the site, always use escrow and never finallize early. good luck

LeBron James - 1 day ago

Mojito - 2 days ago

Phishing Empire Market bad signature.

Administrator - 2 days ago
No Gods, No Masters

Seller claimed $200 for a $3200 WU pick up, took my bitcoin, then demanded another $100. I told him no he kept my $200

No Gods, No Masters - 4 days ago
Glend B.

This fucking scammer if i have my way i will fuck his family

Glend B. - 1 month ago
Alex Wells

Am so Glade to say i have seen one trusted vendor on dark market
package received successfully live four times

Alex Wells - 1 month ago


Administrator - 1 month ago

Phishing Empire market

Administrator - 1 month ago

Phishing dark fail URL, do not use.

Administrator - 1 month ago