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Overall Statistics:

Total reports: 2671

Successful transactions: 318

Scams: 487

Phishing: 1619

Hacks: 33

Downtimes: 27

Late deliveries: 8


shut the fuck up!! why the fuck do they have scammers like quality fake ids on the site? why the fuck did they not give me my money back if they not a scammer site? If everyone knows that fake i.d. vendors are fake, then why the fuck do they have them on their site? Fuck you and them for stealing my money. This is is whack!! I will not let them get away with stealing my money. Seems like the only things these sites has to offer is drugs. not everyone drug addict, some of us wants to make money!!! greedy ass mother fuckas

jcarter2111 - 4y

This site is legit, ordered over 100 things and never had delayed shipping or problems. If you get scammed its seriously your own fault for not doing research through the vendors reviews. Like the fake ID guy below, no shit you got scammed, anyone and everyone knows ID vendors are fake. Pay attention to the reviews and the URL so youre not on a phished page, otherwise its really your own fault. Stop ruining this sites TrustScore because of your ignorance and lack of proper checks.

QuickShip69 - 4y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

themanygram - 4y

Guter Markt!!!Sehr empfehlenswert

KingKong666 - 4y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

ostara - 4y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

entropy0fsystem - 4y

He claimed to transfer western union for 25% lesser, after we made a deal, he told me to transfer to his btc address before he can make the transaction. After i made the payment $250 which was agreed initially.. he asked for more money. Then later he told he's got no time to talk.. he walk away with my money. Don't ever do business with anyone on this site. He's the second on this site to rip me off. Don't make the same mistake i made.

laksam99 - 4y

The seller made an exit scam, but the site refunded me 100%. They are trustworthy.

Giotto123 - 4y

one of the worst experiences of my life.
I ordered coke from a reputable seller (1250$), I thought I was safe from any problem, letter never send, I opened a dispute for this order, the support gave reason to the seller when he was not even able to provide the tracking.... !!! what the fuck guys!
this market is a big scam or some big seller work with support for random scam.

It's a shame that the support gave my money to the seller when he couldn't even prove the shipment, what is the use of the escrow then??????!!!

RickyGod - 4y