shut the fuck up!! why the fuck do they have scammers like quality fake ids on the site? why the fuck did they not give me my money back if they not a scammer site? If everyone knows that fake i.d. vendors are fake, then why the fuck do they have them on their site? Fuck you and them for stealing my money. This is is whack!! I will not let them get away with stealing my money. Seems like the only things these sites has to offer is drugs. not everyone drug addict, some of us wants to make money!!! greedy ass mother fuckas


it was still a lose lost situation for me. the guy ends up still getting paid while i end up with a faulty product and only 30% of my money back. that was my first and last purchase from this site. without buyers you have no business coming in. ill be reporting this to every major forum on the darknet.


just got scammed by this fool! he gave me a bad product and the admin sided with him by only giving me 30% of my money back. id stay away from that market period. first and foremost the guy advertised this mobile adnroid virtual fraudbox and said that it had preinstalled apps on there. i was looking for a fraudbox with paypal on it and it was included in the preinstalled apps so i ended up buying it. when i got the item and downloaded it there was no paypal on it. it had everything but the paypal and the paypal was the only reason i purchased the item. it was also missing the most important part to make it a fraudbox. the xprivacy. whoeeve knows about xprivacy, they upgraded to xprivacylua for versions marshmellow and above. this guy had marshmellow with the old xprvacy on there so of course none of the apps worked and he tried blaming it on me not knowing lol. i made a dispute and after a couple of days of going back and forth admin only gave me back 30% of my money.