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admin - 4y

Phishing darkdotfail onion URL on the TOR network.

admin - 4y

Phishing users of TOR hidden service Empire Market.

admin - 4y

admin - 4y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

highskylimit - 4y

Successful purchase

Davegrace1227 - 4y

Sorry about your experience akuseriola, we where moving servers. You should be able to login and get your funds.

bigblue_PR - 4y

admin - 4y

one of the best sellers i have meet on dbay greatly recommend tuffgong

aslan - 5y

bought oxy 30's and did 3 didt feel high at all so i did 2 more still didt feel high i then did 1 more and STILL NOTHING! i thought maybe i just had a high ass tolerance because im an opiod user so i asked my friend who is an occasional user of opiods who hasnt touched anything in 2 weeks to do 1 and she didt feel anything either she then did another and STILL NOTHING! They are fake oxys idk what he pressed them with but it deff wasnt with any kind of opiod. guys a SCAMMER

annasweets - 5y