Empire Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 784

Successful transactions: 37

Scams: 14

Phishing: 685

Hacks: 15

Downtimes: 11

Late deliveries: 3


i need to fund my vendor his name( bluer ) thank you

lilo - 4y

does anyone know the guy on empire market who supplies hacker for removing criminal record!!? if anybody know please help

x7nZdfPsza - 4y

I too am looking for candy_flakes because I liked his products on which site he can still sell since empire no longer works

xkikikikixx - 4y


WHERE TO GO NOW ? i vote for bigblue market, most secured market

ALgaufre - 4y

Does anyone know what market or how I can get in contact with the vendor under the name “Nights” Thank you!

Lakewaterr - 4y

Hi There, does anyone know where candy_flakes legendary seller in empire moved to? Need to find him

MinoLondon - 4y

Empire became for me the worst experience EVER on the darkne....t and I'm an old time user since SK1.

it used to be " correct ", never been a very good market let's be honest: just massive traffic because they have been bribing a lot of people over years

I can't recall how many users I saw posting on forums or on Dread regarding their fund disappearing ALL THE SUDDEN.

These guys are just a bunch of selective thiefs that provide the lamest support ( if we can call this a customer support )

you guys are warned

cocameta13 - 4y

Come on Big Blue Market guys, 24/7 support and disputed order gets moderated in no time.

They are also granting vendor bond for free these days.

Empire is on the decline... and I am not able to click on the links even if they show as green on OnionLive for some reason, so I think that was it for me. I'll stick to the blue

themanoftheyear - 4y

OnionLiveDev - 4y

Phishing users of Empire Market on Dread comments.

admin - 4y

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