Icarus Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 9

Successful transactions: 5

Scams: 1

Hacks: 1

Downtimes: 1


i deposed some BTC into my new fresh account and guess what, 1 hour later, no more btc, wallet was cleaned up, tried to contact support, now i m locked out of account, 2FA activated by the way!!!! what de fuck is going on on this shitty market ?!!!!! do not deposit !

desperados11 - 29d

Tried to connect several time after I have deposit some funds into my wallet. But I can't manage to pass the login page with my username.... Hopefully Ill have access back on day, that's not small money I have there :(

BlugZmusher - 30d

scammed by Cybertruck. I warned ICARUS support but they haven't replied to me

Another weird tings I realized, during the 2fa login someimes ( not all the time ) there is a sql error showing up.

I also contacted the support for this but so far I got ignored

moooji - 1M

placed an order with that seller a week ago and i just received my order

Flopa - 2M

I deposited 700 onto their market wallet and a hour later went to make purchase and account and money gone i tried recovering my account and couldn't. contacted admin and they dont care about their customers my money was in their wallet. the market had my money so in my view this is the start of a exit scam by Icarus. if my money was in the market wallet its icarus markets responability that now my shits gone. shop here at your own risk

happyjacker - 2M

le vendeur ├ętait rapide et le produit ├ętait bon

alimh - 4M

received my order

paranoid98 - 4M

Support is fast

Farej1 - 4M

Made my first purchase yesterday, site is fast and deposits were added very fast

Anonymousbuyer - 4M

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