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Overall Statistics:

Total reports: 2671

Successful transactions: 318

Scams: 487

Phishing: 1619

Hacks: 33

Downtimes: 27

Late deliveries: 8


Phishing Empire Market in Dread Forum comments.

admin - 4y

One of my favorite market. several successful purchase already. look at the picture, they have a livechat lol! other market looks old now. darkzone is a great vendor, you can purchase with confidence. i see bigblue as number one next year. i loose to many dollars on empire with their shitty security! now i stand on bigblue

desperados - 4y

Never saw so much security on a market... haha... sometimes annoying but to be honest, better like this that loosing funds or money.
The support is doing a brilliant job with scammers and is very reactive. Thanks for the quality

cheubonidas - 4y

Phishing users of Empire Market through Dread.

admin - 4y

Satisfied for purchasing scans

tarkov - 4y

Really good website and vendor

777cruster - 4y

Three good deals with ghostweed so far, very nice french seller. long life to Big Blue

rhino00 - 4y

enfin un marche digne de ce nom. Depuis alpha je commencais a desperer. merci la team

killCoViD - 4y

Phishing the now closed darknet search engine Grams.

admin - 4y

another successful transaction with Dolby, good ritalin, reliable vendor.

Now for the market, I can only say I am impressed. I come from Pax Romana and other secondary market but big blue really stands out of the crowd

anodarkuser - 4y