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Total reports: 5

Successful transactions: 1


I deposit $10, No Keys.. I test Nord keys. Incorrect Data, Its usless.. You cant get your money back. Don't ever send them your money, you will never see your money again!

laksam99 - 4y

These guys run the real deal and the admin are on top of its vendors. I asked the admin on a few vendors. They vouched for one but said he hasnt been active for a while, and as for the second vendor they told me to be careful as the vendor was new and to only transact on their platform as I would be covered by escrow if anything went wrong. In the event it did go sour they would activitly pursue a positive outcome on my behalf and shut down the vendor asap. This shows me they want only the best for the buyer and to have only legit vendors on this platform. Highly recommend as I have been scammed on other market sites and now know what to look out for and the right questions to ask. These guys should be number one and need more legit vendors to make this the best market place out there. Cheers

manofcoin - 4y

I deposited 85.00 worth of bitcoins 2 days ago, 15 minutes later they were gone. I open a ticket right after with my transaction number. It's been almost 48 hours and no reply to the ticket. Shoukd I be worried that they stole my money?

Dkny66 - 4y

many scam by Th├ębes Admin, nothing secure, admin read pm and wallet ,after that he ban all modo he have, to day he have change staff 3 times

ulcan - 4y

Its been over a month, they scam vendors and buyers. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE TELL EVERYONE ITS A BIG FAT SCAM

springer - 4y