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Total reports: 1

Successful transactions: 1



Our captcha has been designed and created to mitigate spam and bots: surely not our intention to create problems users or whatsoever.

That being said, Big Blue's captcha is not " harder ", not " easier " to pass than any other; but it's human friendly unlike so many others around.

We have also made sure to adjust our captcha code and algorithm for TAIL's users that " suffer " from a resolution incompatibility / screen-size overlay interfering with our home-made system.

> Despite all these adjustments, it seems that a minority of TAIL's users ( only them are concerned so far ) are STILL experiencing issues with or without the box ticked

For all Tail user experiencing this issue, maybe you should simply consider giving-up on Tail while consider something more secure and more " mainstream " for few reasons:

RedCorner_BigBlue_Market - 4y