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Scams: 1


I listed this as scam by seller but It may very well be scam by the site. I placed an order a few days ago and when it was not marked as shipped and I had no communication with the vendor I attempted to cancel it. An error message kept popping up when I tried to cancel so I messaged support. They informed me that the order was already on its way and that's why it couldn't be cancelled. Now 3 days later the order is still not marked as sent on their site and my postal app shows no packages marked for my address. I've messaged support again to see why they say its shipped but its not and am awaiting a response but overall I feel like I was scammed. While browsing through the site I noticed there are no vendors with a level above one and I only found one vendor with any sales which was 4 and they were each for a $2 listing. Long story short, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!

FamkeSurprise - 5y