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DutchFstQuality's Trust Report


Total reports: 1

Scams: 1


I've placed 2 orders on last 15th november on DutchFstQuality's store.
One was for buying a membership card in order to have better prices on the store (39 euros).
One was for buying goods for 240 euros.
These orders were "Full escrow".
After I've passed these orders, the seller contacted me and asked me to finalize both orders in order to validate my address. Otherwise they do not send my products.
I finalized early (obviously I should have not done this), and then I waited for my order.
2 weeks later, of course, I received nothing.
They gave me a tracking number. I checked on website, then this tracking number was corresponding to a parcel sent to Mantes-La-Jolie (french town) located 500 kilometers away from my home. Of course that was not expected.
They don't want to send any reship, invoking many total fool excuses (The website is bugging me, the customs have intercepted my parcel, etc, etc ...).

vsrsixnine - 5y