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Total reports: 1532

Successful transactions: 62

Scams: 201

Phishing: 1201

Hacks: 14

Downtimes: 8

Late deliveries: 2


I have ordered 5 times from this shop, lowest prices, best crypto exchange rate, almost identical to the real exchange rate. Also
guys working there are real professional, always helpful and informative I would recommend this seller to anyone :D. Also their LSD and MDMA is really good, haven't yet tried other products.

wattsbanana - 5M

Legit vendorshop, friendly and responsive, with very good quality lsd. 14dd to southeastern europe. 4 out of 5 orders have reached the destination. Thanks for serving me the past 2 years. late 2020

syringelung - 6M

I am trying to withdraw and my funds dissapeared!! I am given a message saying that there was an error processing my withdraw and customer support has been offline for days!!!

A715 - 6M

6DD to western EU, amazing products as always, great stealth and responsive vendor.

gbhjmk - 6M

Support has stopped responding since time ago. There are no excuses to explain why administrators of the market don't handle the issues and the disputes by responding and solving them in a proper lapse of time.

The fact is the market is not working: buyers and vendors can check this out by themselves.

The malfunction of a dark market is the prelude of an exit scam. Another explanation is that it has been intervened by LE.

You have been warned several ways. Later don't cry.

McLong - 6M

hello can someone explain me how to solve the captcha of the market? thanks

escobarmilano - 6M

Highly recommend

sammay74 - 6M

I posted on here yesterday because my coins weren't showing. I've checked this morning and it looks as though my coins finally got through and purchases confirmed. But I have to say, the experience has put me off using this site in the future. Wouldn't surprise me if they're in the process of an exit scam. Everyone (especially vendors) be careful!

sammay74 - 6M

I need help when I want open the site he told me,, enlarge your can I do this

missunknown - 7M

I have ordered at DutchDrugz's Psychedelicum for a total of six times now. The people running this shop are real professionals, very helpful, kind and deliver what they offer; high quality products. I have NEVER been disappointed by them. When my order didn't show up they gave me a lot extra on top of my next order. Shipping is fast and stealthy. Cannot recommend DutchDrugz enough. 10/10!

7pizza7 - 7M