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Total reports: 1533

Successful transactions: 62

Scams: 201

Phishing: 1201

Hacks: 14

Downtimes: 8

Late deliveries: 2


I have ordered at DutchDrugz's Psychedelicum for a total of six times now. The people running this shop are real professionals, very helpful, kind and deliver what they offer; high quality products. I have NEVER been disappointed by them. When my order didn't show up they gave me a lot extra on top of my next order. Shipping is fast and stealthy. Cannot recommend DutchDrugz enough. 10/10!

7pizza7 - 4y

Have ordered both from their main site, and from their darknetmarket. Both deliveries went through, stealth is good, quality is good. Pleasant communication with vendors too! Recommended.

cobninetythree1 - 4y

Them vendors are legit

-energy - 4y

Find the right vendor and you will have no problems.
Great site, doing all they can to avoid ddos attacks and they are good methods that are working.
Go through checkout and it encrypts your address automatically, and gives you a btc address to pay for the order.
Fast website too, most vendors have switches from dream to here.

anonkali - 4y

This site is legit, ordered over 100 things and never had delayed shipping or problems. If you get scammed its seriously your own fault for not doing research through the vendors reviews. Like the fake ID guy below, no shit you got scammed, anyone and everyone knows ID vendors are fake. Pay attention to the reviews and the URL so youre not on a phished page, otherwise its really your own fault. Stop ruining this sites TrustScore because of your ignorance and lack of proper checks.

QuickShip69 - 4y

Guter Markt!!!Sehr empfehlenswert

KingKong666 - 4y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

entropy0fsystem - 4y

Was a new user on Big Blue Market and had a lot of BItcoin stolen immediately before i even made a purchase, then the market locked me out of my own account after I was asking where my bitcoin was etc.

yubnub - 4y

good site, Good Team, Good service

ForYouICE - 4y