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fetaisbetter's Trust Report


Total reports: 3

Successful transactions: 3


very comfy layout, active support.

the pros to me : the support reactivity and the unbeatable design

the cons: not enough vendors yet but I'm on big blue since 6 months now and I can say they are gaining considerable traffic

keep it up and you guys should be in the top 3 pretty soon

UltraMan - 4y

TOP CLASS VENDOR for a top class market

DaB33 - 4y

successful purchase from fetaisbetter. Top seller rank 1 one the market, nice to deal with him. one word about bigblue, they have the best support i ve ever seen, respond time is about 1 hours or 2. I had to open a dispute last week, was solved by moderator within a few days! remarkable. bigblue is a solid market for what i can say, i like the anti phishing feature

blueberryOG - 4y