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owner of btc address 3Gaw3PTYyM1MuTorroosNGrnMs56HEbtES's Trust Report


Total reports: 1

Phishing: 1


This phishing mirror showed me my personal greeting, a btc address starting with 3, and I was dumb enough not to check the verify link. You can see the mistake in the picture. I got suspicious, when my 0.0678 btc ($ 650 aaagh!!!) still weren't show up after 15 confirmations. Another mirror of Empire testing, it showed me a completely different btc address. By the way, the working mirrors all showed and show this very one. They may be replaced quickly, but it doesn't look like an exit scam to me.
PLEASE GUYS, CHECK YOUR MIRROR! There are so many people being scammed – every time I control the scam address I lost my money to on blockchain, I can see that lots of new folks have sent their coins there. The fake url is coming and going, it is working after a few reloads most time, but in my experience NEVER the first time I tried to connect.

eeriecow - 5y