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usagear's Trust Report


Total reports: 1

Downtimes: 1


This was mid - December, before Christmas. Site kept going up and down for two finally came up and I was able to get my wallet address to send my bitcoin to. Went to Coinbase and sent the coins. ($240 after fees) I found a good vendor (usagear) who has proved to be so trustworthy, I FE with him). I waited several hours and no coins were ever credited to my acct. I started contacting support. I waited while the FIRST ticket sat in PROCESSING for three days before I started contacting them again. I just kept contacting them every day. Today is Feb. 2,2020. STILL ZERO response from Empire. I have the exact address the bitcoin was sent to, and Empire support STILL will not respond. They started deleted my tickets, so I started sending the same ticket over and over and over again - I figure they'd get sick of having to delete them and just deal with me. Still nothing. I've been trying since 8:30PM CST and I CANNOT access Empire.

andiegrammy - 4y