Dark Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 39

Successful transactions: 11

Scams: 3

Phishing: 17


Save yourself time and money. Don't send coins now. They won't show. Exit scam.

Interesting how onion live gives 100% trust when I see all these complaints.

Last 2 transfers I sent did not arrive and they blamed bittylicious.

dreptard - 4y

Placed two orders and paid but orders still saying not paid and admins not responding. Sick of all these exit scams. Avoid like the plague!

sammay74 - 4y

Hi,3days ago i paid for a product so i waited fo the transaction to be complete,now my funds are in pending status,support tells me to check the mirror,i checked everything it was from the verified link,btc address also same,dont made any purchase soon it will be a exit scam like empire,bad experience

Nikki - 4y

Find the right vendor and you will have no problems.
Great site, doing all they can to avoid ddos attacks and they are good methods that are working.
Go through checkout and it encrypts your address automatically, and gives you a btc address to pay for the order.
Fast website too, most vendors have switches from dream to here.

anonkali - 4y

He claimed to transfer western union for 25% lesser, after we made a deal, he told me to transfer to his btc address before he can make the transaction. After i made the payment $250 which was agreed initially.. he asked for more money. Then later he told he's got no time to talk.. he walk away with my money. Don't ever do business with anyone on this site. He's the second on this site to rip me off. Don't make the same mistake i made.

laksam99 - 4y

The seller made an exit scam, but the site refunded me 100%. They are trustworthy.

Giotto123 - 4y

one of the worst experiences of my life.
I ordered coke from a reputable seller (1250$), I thought I was safe from any problem, letter never send, I opened a dispute for this order, the support gave reason to the seller when he was not even able to provide the tracking.... !!! what the fuck guys!
this market is a big scam or some big seller work with support for random scam.

It's a shame that the support gave my money to the seller when he couldn't even prove the shipment, what is the use of the escrow then??????!!!

RickyGod - 4y

Dark market is a good market. You can't blame the market if you get stung by a bad vendor. Ive had a perfect experience with dark market. Some of these bad reveiws are almost word for word copies of reveiws put in ahainst other markets on onion.live. They should erase these dodgy reveiws which are almost identical except for the market they claim ripped them off. Trust in your own experience and do your research. Ive never been ripped off and ive been on most markets.

Micaspar - 4y

Not sure why this site is getting all the bad press. I've had nothing but good experiences with it. I think there is a lot of behind the scenes competition with the scrambling leftover markets all vying for empires place, and some markets resorting to sorry dirty review tactics. Anyway they get my vote!

MollyGirl - 4y

Had a successful purchase, great stealth. Came in fast. 2G of weed. They have a lot of stuff and the vendors are really nice. They have a trust system that shows you who the market thinks is a reputable vendor. Reviews on every product and vendor. Imo it's better than a lot of the markets out rn except Icarus. RIP icarus. Also, there isn't a traditional "wallet" like most markets have. You send the BTC to an escrow address which makes orders easier and faster but it makes mixing the BTC harder

H0twire - 4y

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