Big Blue Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 113

Successful transactions: 97

Scams: 2

Hacks: 1

Downtimes: 5


with all the due respect for other market, I truly have to admit that big blue is leading in terms of innovations.
Glad you could solve the ddos attack as well. Keep it up, excellent work

dexter45 - 4y

Clearly fake comments by other markets. Everything is perfect with BB and i have put easily 5K throught it

Streetzz - 4y

I signed up last December, a few orders of weed from several sellers, everything is going well for the moment. I had to call the support for a problem with an order, really nice guys, quick to process my request. i will stay on bigblue now

PandemiQ - 4y

the best coke i ve ever bought from darknet, impressive quality. very good vendor. i will buy from him again next week :)

staySAFE - 4y

i don t understand bad reviews, another market for sure..... all is good so far for me. smooth transaction, good seller there, no scam, STOP BULLSHIT. BIGBLUE is fucking legit, use it since month now, never lost a cts !!

duckduckme - 4y

I dont know if I have bad luck or that scam market robs me I HAVE FUCKING 0.91 BTC THERE AND I CANT WITHDRAW FUCK YOU BIG BLUE

mattww - 4y

one of best markets ever! the support is really fast and really friendly. anti scam and anti phishing system are very very good, never see another system like that. i purchase on bigblue since 2 month now, everything is perfect

atlas1789 - 4y

Sale went through with no issues. Happy i tried it out!

tipz - 4y

hey, I'm totally vouching for Cybertruck. Super legit seller, with F.E + trusted badge.

Got my two autoshop orders delivered as so far all is working,

Concerning the market itself, I love the U.I and it's super fast. No more downtime, so all in all good growing market

KingThompson - 4y

Hey there ! maybe I can add my stone to the bridge and contribute to this topic
I hopped on Big blue a month ago or so and so far all has been running smooth for me.
Their admin and staff are friendly and redcorner helped me to settled a dispute in my favour as the vendor failed to delivered on time.
I don't know why people say they can't login or withdraw, there are already quite a few famous vendor out there doing good business from what I see
Anyway, keep it safe

painterjames82 - 4y

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