Big Blue Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 113

Successful transactions: 97

Scams: 2

Hacks: 1

Downtimes: 5


just discovered this market, thanks onionlive. looks really good indeed. i try deposit and withdraw, btc came fast. withdraw took about 25 minutes. time is for me to make my first order, i will post a review

newton - 3y

like razor2754 i was not able to reach the market earlier, but not like this guy i know bigblue is strong and will never let down user.. market not accessible maybe because of a DDOS attack again but definitely not a scam. for my case my money is still in my account and my shipped order still at their places too...

FutureTheBest - 3y

After doing the captcha I get 502 Bad Gateway. Early in the morning I still could login. Then I send some BTCs to my Big Blue account. Around 1 hrs later I got the message that BTC haven been successfully transferred and I tried to login to the market again => Since then 502 Bad Gateway.

razor2754 - 3y

dope design, dope market, dope staff... only thing, not enough vendors yet but I see it's getting better day after day. Greetings

eSc0B4R - 3y

i like this modern market. the livechat without javascript is real good and works perfectly. bigblue number one soon for sure

Odin - 3y

perfect quality and very nice seller, pleasure to deal with. UK NDD. one word about bigblue, safest market by far, anti phishing system is remarkable, double session login is the best feature i v ever seen. Real good support with kindly administrator. keep the good work guys

teddybundy - 3y

One of the best market around surely. They really make great efforts for users and security, thank you

smokeyrastaaa - 3y

au top du top ce shop, market du tonner de dieu les gars! rien a voir avec empire ou mopoly ou ce genre de market connu. bigblue est a un autre niveau là lol. le vendeur la zipette est super cool et produit de qualité, je le recommande a tous et toute

coronaV - 3y

i forget to attach the picture

desperados - 3y

One of my favorite market. several successful purchase already. look at the picture, they have a livechat lol! other market looks old now. darkzone is a great vendor, you can purchase with confidence. i see bigblue as number one next year. i loose to many dollars on empire with their shitty security! now i stand on bigblue

desperados - 3y

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