Speed review:

It’s said to be 90% pure, not sure if speed can be so pure, but beside that, for sure it’s very clean and strong. (I dont do much speed, so no tolerance for it completely)

Like I said I don’t do much of it, so not much can say, but I enjoyed that time when was on it, after first line, quickly felt more energetic, wanted to talk with someone, got hooked on cleaning home really fast, no chances to sleep. Really good quality but would advice to stay away for people who get hooked on drugs fast, as urge to redose is unbelievable.

Rate: 4/5

All in all, really cool and most friendliest vendor I chatted so far, because of being unable to log in to market, got a those 3g of speed as extra for wasting my time. Will definitely come back.


Sadly at first I was unable to load the market, so did contact vendor through wickr. Did buy LSD and Speed.

Acid review:

it’s said to be 240ug, at first didn’t believe it, as most tabs are 200ug at most, but really felt stronger than at least 220ug.

Used DHL shipping, for additional 10€ vendor agreed to do track and trace, took 2 working days (ordered Wednesday, received Friday). Packaging really nice, LSD tabs didn’t even notice by first look, and speed of course did notice as it’s bigger but no smell, or possibilities to tell what’s inside without any opening everything. Also was really surprised by note in package.

One of the best acid I’ve tried. Tabs didn’t have a taste, so that’s good, after taking it, started to feel something at about 45 minutes after taking it, peak did last about 6 hours, really euphoric with a lot of laugh and creativity while tripping, in general loved it.

Rating: 4/5.