The vendor "legitway" on Agartha is a high profile scammer. He took $100 worth of bitcoins from me and did not provide the service. He asked me to FE saying he is a Level 5 vendor and that he is trusted by the market to deliver as promised. If for such a small amount he cannot honor or provide the service, imagine if it was a huge amount. This guy is a petty thief.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS VENDOR. His contact details are as follows:
WICKR ID --> perfect88
EMAIL --> [email protected]
whatsapp --> +1 612 584 1692

And please kindly take action against him or else he would scam more people and the market would lose it's credibility for harboring scammers.

I just realized all his reviews are self made reviews by creating different accounts under different names in order to reach Level 5 and prompt the market to enable him to FE transactions.

Do not trust High Level Vendors who ask you to FE. They are mostly scammers!