Came to Apollon from Silk Road. This market is A++++! Was a bit nervous trying to find a new marketplace I could place trust in. In my time here so far, as a buyer, I've had to dispute about 5 orders due to a vendor attempting to scam and break the rules. Within 2 days, an admin by the name of Reloaded was there to understand my situation and refund every penny (Thousands of $). He is extremely knowledgeable and fair. The vendors who attempted to scam were banned and purged from the market. I feel completely safe here. The admins are fair and attend to issues quickly and efficiently. I can't speak for the phishing stuff that happened. I've logged onto the market hundreds of times through and never once had a single issue. The market has never been down or had weird glitches or anything. The reviews on vendor profiles are accurate and not repeatedly fake reviews like some markets. I highly recommend this market to EVERYONE. Don't understand the low rating the market has =/