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Overall Statistics:

Total reports: 2671

Successful transactions: 318

Scams: 487

Phishing: 1619

Hacks: 33

Downtimes: 27

Late deliveries: 8


fake escrow platform service is based on email communications.

admin - 4y

No response after send money.. don't buy for him

Tafta - 4y

fast deleveriy top products 10/10 ordered already again

lolkillme64 - 4y

Very accurate. I made 5000 in 6 hours with this method. A+ seller. I do how this guy is not top rated on the web. excellent service and follow-thru. Item delivered exactly as advertised nearly instantly. Looking forward to many more transactions and a long-lasting relationship with ixorex

ixorexbax - 4y

Best service! Fast reply, even day and night.. Thanks for 5 extra pills!!!

santaclaus - 4y

I get scammed for 30$ don’t buy from him fake Paypal Accounts,

mrzooklil - 4y

best cni seller on the french deep

ulcan - 4y

very good wiki , update every week

ulcan - 4y

many scam by Thébes Admin, nothing secure, admin read pm and wallet ,after that he ban all modo he have, to day he have change staff 3 times

ulcan - 4y