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Overall Statistics:

Total reports: 2671

Successful transactions: 318

Scams: 487

Phishing: 1619

Hacks: 33

Downtimes: 27

Late deliveries: 8


I got cartridges from these guys and they were the same as per the listings. recommended from experience

Koloz - 4y

Phishing hidden service Empire Market.

admin - 4y

Phishing hidden service Empire Market.

admin - 4y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

hausi - 4y

Square Market is solidly reliable so far in my experience. No every-five-minutes outages and DDOS droopping out like Empire Market tends to do most of the time. Completed a Kief purchase with Bookface, and as usual with Booky things went very smoothly and the order was accurately described.


hey, I'm totally vouching for Cybertruck. Super legit seller, with F.E + trusted badge.

Got my two autoshop orders delivered as so far all is working,

Concerning the market itself, I love the U.I and it's super fast. No more downtime, so all in all good growing market

KingThompson - 4y

Hey there ! maybe I can add my stone to the bridge and contribute to this topic
I hopped on Big blue a month ago or so and so far all has been running smooth for me.
Their admin and staff are friendly and redcorner helped me to settled a dispute in my favour as the vendor failed to delivered on time.
I don't know why people say they can't login or withdraw, there are already quite a few famous vendor out there doing good business from what I see
Anyway, keep it safe

painterjames82 - 4y

Big Blue is working well.

You guys have to stup spreading rumors just because you have been employed by another market or banned by their support

In fact, thei support reply in no time and the deposit system works faster than on other markets. I like WHM and Big Blue better than others. They for sure are worth a try.

They also showed they were able to easily mitigate the ddos which so far empire has failed to do

Odeon - 4y

I deposited 85.00 worth of bitcoins 2 days ago, 15 minutes later they were gone. I open a ticket right after with my transaction number. It's been almost 48 hours and no reply to the ticket. Shoukd I be worried that they stole my money?

Dkny66 - 4y

This is a fake review, do not trust me. I am a pathetic scammer.

mrutilman - 4y