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Calipolkid's Trust Report


Total reports: 1

Successful transactions: 1


I have seen many markets and I have to say Dark is the best. It is easy to use and clean. The support staff is amazing and acts on your support tickets super fast. Tehy have helped me resolve a few issues and always answered my questions. Great customer service which provides me with confidence and trust for this market and its admins. Of course there is some shady vendors even on DarkMarket however it is up to you to stay safe and be careful. I do not purchase anything from a vendor with poor trust level. I make sure to read all the reviews. Positive and negative. I write a message to the vendor to see if there is response and if they check their inbox. I also read their full profile bio including their policies. I do my due diligence and thanks to that I never had an issue with my order. I have my favorite vendor, I would have to say it is the best vendor I encountered on the DW; Dark is my #1 market. I trust them and I am satisfied with their service. I hope this continues.

calipolkid - 4y