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scottjean's Trust Report


Total reports: 3

Successful transactions: 3


The darkbay support is not working . and so many things is going on right now on the market . you need to have faith and trust in your self because is all about taking risk . i did it with Scott jean and even when down cool . he is really a man of his words deal with him for your own safety

paulmelkose - 4y

I have try the market but i found out that Mr scottjean is the only best Vendor on this market . Top grade stuff and he is fast in delivery . so guys if you want to try any stuff on the market contact Mr scottjean and he will tell you what to do

mikeitz - 5y

Mr scott is one of the best dealer now on Samsara Market , Good stuff , top grade AAA+ , fast delivery on time .

helencare - 5y