Big Blue Market's Trust Report


Total reports: 125

Successful transactions: 111

Scams: 2

Hacks: 1

Downtimes: 5


From the recent news we have, the infamous P.K seems to be back on track and is employing himself at stealing numerous darknet users.

Claiming to have stolen 120K from one market and more than 300K from another, Big Blue Market seems to have on been targeted recently only.

Our technically crew is more than aware about this threat and is already working on it with extreme attention

- From now on and until further notice, only access Big Blue Market following our private note which we have entire control of and always stick to our verification requirements if some applies

BigBlue-Market-PR - 2d

After withdraw I didn't receive my funds. I think they are lost. Support is offline for days. Possibly Exit Scam!

hewevob157 - 2d

WICKR NAME....patriken33

Since coming into the dark web in 2016 we have built a huge client base worldwide and continue to meet expectations and demands without fail.

Our products, prices, services, experience and professionalism is without a doubt of the highest quality here on the darknet. We want our clients to have the most satisfying experience buying with us and we are consistently online keeping in contact with all clients for orders and inquiries.

What we have in stock.....

-Magic Mushroom
-LSD Blotters
-Heroin 98% Pure
-mdma crystal
-mdma pills
-Codeine Syrup
-Crystal Meth

WICKR NAME....patriken33

patriken - 3d

I am trying to withdraw and my funds dissapeared!! I am given a message saying that there was an error processing my withdraw and customer support has been offline for days!!!

A715 - 4d

If you wanna, use my referal code for Dark market when sign up for 20% of transaction fees: VB4IJX
The best support on DM!

ivanivan - 5d

indeed miles001you have proven me to be right pal I have been looking for. Guys I order for some stuffs 4days back.

i just recieved my parckages from the delivery agent.

Thanks milesmarket

W1cKr I.D :..,miles001
TeXt:+1(951)387 5746

Terencee - 5d

Do not buy outside of a market. My experience is Wickr is only for scammed. This jackass will take your money and then ask for more.

Kraken - 5d

If you wanna, use my referal code for DARK MARKET when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

ivanivan - 7d

Best vendor ever, very nice man, best LSd in the world :)

chipsmaster - 7d

Scam do not buy from him

Délicej - 7d

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