empire is exit scamming or hacked i have even gone to the length of creating a new account a sending btc to the deposit address the "verified" mirror and i could "trust" it because it was signed by the empire pgp key.. LOL.
anyways,, as i expected no balance was reflected on my account so i look at the transaction history, and once again the same address keeps popping up 18pGaQm3nfsSADdEieC4couTiuTzuJkGdL
hmmm, this address was made only... in the last week since all these comments and complaints about missing btc have been arising and wow. its already received 8.5btc and rising hourly (coming up to 100,000usd) in a week. no wonder these markets all eventually pull the plug and fuck us all. good while it lasted. off to grey market for me now, walletless and safe from scams like this