Big Blue is standing above the crowd, that's allI can say at this point.
I'm not working for them neither affiliated ( I wish I could ) but I have to admit they do an excellent job.

I been using dark markets for more than 8 years now.

They are not mobile friendly so stop wasting your time on trying to enlarge the screen if you are using those portable device.
They aim at security first from what I could see....

I buy a bit of this and that through blue market ( since about 3 months now ) and I never had any incident to be reported.

Whenever they are under attacks, it can happen that the market is down but OnionLive always come with new mirrors for us to hop on. The 502 Gateway error is never permanent for me, I usually give it a F5 refresh and all good.

I really hope this market will keep it up and stay for longer than previous markets